Oldfields ciders are natural products made from freshly picked and pressed Worcestershire apples. We use modern techniques including fermentation in stainless steel tanks to ensure purity of fruit and consistent quality. 

All our ciders are concentrate free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and gluten free.

Alc. 4.8%

Our Oldfields Medium Dry is an absolute belter!  The Independent thinks so too. That’s why they listed it in their top 10 ciders.  Packed full of fruit, the gentle tanins from the skins and pips provide a mouth-tingling depth of flavor to this ‘lip-smacking’ beauty.
Awards: International Cider Challenge New World Style category Silver 2019, International Cider Challenge New World Style category Bronze 2018, Great Taste Awards Gold 2018, International Cider Challenge Medium Cider category Silver 2015


Alc. 4.8%

500ml per Bottle


Drawn from the same blend as our Medium Dry, this previous ‘3 star Great Taste Award’ winner is a slightly sweeter affair.  Still bursting with fresh apple flavor it’s gentle acidity balances out the added sweetness to provide a quaffable cider for those who like it a little less dry. 

Awards: International Cider Challenge Sweet Cider category Bronze 2017, International Cider Challenge Sweet Cider category Silver 2015

Alc. 4.8%

500ml per Bottle


Filled with the exact same cider that goes in to our kegs, this bottled beauty is every bit as flavorsome and delicately carbonated as it’s bar-top brother.  So even if you can't get to the pub you can still enjoy our fantastic draught cider.

Awards: International Cider Challenge Medium Cider category Bronze 2017 

Alc. 4.8%

500ml per Bottle

Our Berry cider combines a blend of Worcestershire apples with blackberry juice from Pixley Berries of Herefordshire. Berry is a naturally sweet, fruit cider best served chilled or over ice.
Awards: International Cider Challenge Flavoured Cider category Bronze 2019, Ludlow Food Festival Best New Product category Silver 2019

Alc. 4%

500 ml per Bottle

Pressed exclusively from some of Worcestershire’s finest Discovery apples, Applefresco is a delicate balance of crisp, refreshing flavor, intense fresh apple aromas and elegant design. Perfect for a toast whether you’re raising a glass at home or dining Al Fresco.
Awards: International Cider Challenge New World Style category Gold 2019

Alc. 6%

750 ml per Bottle


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