Smart decision! We can supply your pub or shop with any of our bottled ciders or 50L and 30L kegs.


  If you’re interested in having our draught cider we can supply you with an Oldfields font and our expert technicians are waiting to come and fix it all up for you.


  Not only this but with the vast area covered by the dedicated delivery team at Hobsons Brewery we can get your cider to you in a jiffy! 




 Is Oldfields Cider suitable for my business?

Oldfields is available in both bottle and keg so it will work for most venues. If you are serving our bottled cider to drink it will need to be chilled in a fridge or cellar. Keg cider will need a suitable font, either a T bar or we can lend you a single one, to chill and dispense it with. It has a standard Sankey ‘S’ fitting.

I am not sure if I have a suitable font or space available?

Hobsons offers a free cellar survey within its delivery area (see below) and can offer free installation and lend a font in many circumstances if needed.

Can I try Oldfields before I buy it?

All of Oldfield's ciders are available in bottle to try before you buy. Just call Hobsons Brewery on 01299 270837 or email info@oldfieldscider.co.uk to arrange a sample. Our keg cider is known as Oldfields Original in bottle and is made to the same recipe in draught. Wherever practical we will bring the samples to you in person so that we can meet and discuss with you what will work best with your business.


How do I place a trade order for Oldfields?

Trade orders are placed through our sister company, Hobsons Brewery, who will deliver free within a 30-mile radius of the brewery in Cleobury Mortimer on the Shropshire/Worcestershire border. Just give them a call on 01299 270837 or email beer@hobsons-brewery.co.uk.


What sizes of cider do you sell?

Our 500ml bottles come in cases of twelve and our 750ml bottles come in cases of six. We do 50L and 30L kegs, with 50L being our most popular.


Is there a minimum order?

For free delivery we ask that you order a minimum of 4 cases of bottled cider, which you can mix and match with beers from Hobsons. There is no minimum order for our keg cider as long as it is within 30 miles of Hobsons Brewery. Hobsons does not deliver kegs of cider beyond the normal delivery area as they are returnable.


Where do you deliver to?

Hobsons deliver as far north as Chester, Crewe, Stoke and Stafford, and go as far west as Mold, Kerry (Powys Wales), Knighton, Bishops Castle and Hereford. To the south Hobsons deliver as far as Ross-on-Wye and Cheltenham, and to the east as far as Evesham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Leamington Spa and Birmingham. Hobsons delivers everywhere within these boundaries, for free, subject to our minimum order requirements. If you're not sure if Hobsons delivery covers your area, send us your details and we'll let you know.

If you're not covered by Hobsons free delivery, we also ship our bottled ciders only by courier at cost. To find out more email us at info@oldfieldscider.co.uk.

When will my cider be delivered?

Hobsons have set delivery days depending on where you are based, with delivery usually once a week. For bottle customers only Hobsons deliver every two weeks on a set date. To find out more about delivery call Hobsons on 01299 270837.

How do I place repeat orders?

Once you are set up as a customer Hobsons will phone you on an agreed day to check if you would like any more cider.

What marketing support can you offer me?

We offer all the marketing support you would expect including free bar runners, drip mats, posters and brochures, tent cards and even Oldfields branded clothing. We also have a small quantity of parasols and A-boards for our best customers. If you would like more information or have any marketing ideas for us then please do get in touch at Hobsons Brewery on 01299 270837 or email info@oldfieldscider.co.uk.

Is there Oldfields glassware?

Yes, we have both pint and half-pint glasses branded with the Oldfields Cider logo available for free to all trade customers.


Can I visit Oldfields Farm?

Yes, we have a shop here at the farm which is open to the public. The Oldfields Farm Shop is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, although as we are a working farm if you can call in advance to let us know that you are coming we can make sure someone is here to help you. Also look out for our Oldfields events on our social media accounts if you fancy something different! Plus we do blossom tours in May which are available to all trade customers - just get in touch to find out more at info@oldfieldscider.co.uk.


How much is Oldfields Cider?

Oldfields is a great value craft cider. For trade prices please contact 

Hobsons Brewery direct. For a craft cider you will find us very competitive!


I am interested in importing Oldfields into my country,

where do I start?

We have a special website set up purely for international customers.

Please visit www.Hobsons-Drinks.com for all the information you need.


Oldfields is the choice for you, look at the facts…

  • Oldfields is a proper working Teme Valley farm. No messing. We like to think that what you see is what you get. A beautiful family farm that has had a lifetime of meticulous care and hard graft put into it. And the same goes for our cider.


  • We grow our OWN apples, we harvest, press and ferment them OURSELVES, and we bottle and keg the delicious stuff… OURSELVES! What does all this mean? TOTAL CONTROL. We never let the quality drop.


  • Oldfields Cider is completely CONCENTRATE FREE. We wouldn’t go near the stuff with a ten-foot barge pole. Nope, all you’ll get from us is cider that’s packed full of lovely fresh cider apples.

  • We’re proud to be from Worcestershire! And it looks as though they feel the same way, as we received the 2017 ‘Best drinks producer’ award from Visit Worcestershire.

 For more information and to order please call Hobsons Brewery on

01299 270837

Or email us at



Online Shop / Oldfields Events / Oldfields Farm Shop

07814 477650

Wholesale Purchases - Hobsons Brewery

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