Here are some great recipes made with our own Discovery (Oldfields Applesecco) Cider plus some links to inspiring recipes from across the pond!


Cider Sunset 

1 part Ginger Liqueur

1 part Orange Liqueur

8 parts  Discovery 'Oldfields Applesecco' Cider

Pour over ice with a piece of crystallised ginger & perhaps a slice of lime


Black Asp 

1 part Blackberry Liqueur

9 parts Discovery 'Oldfields Applesecco' Cider

Top with frozen Black Forest berries and perhaps a sprig of mint

Caramac Cider

3cl Fudge Rum

2cl Butterscotch

2cl Apple Juice

2cl Caramel

5cl Discovery 'Oldfields Applesecco' Cider


Cider Caipirinha

5cl Tequilla

Pinch Mint

3cl Almond

2 Lime wedges

Top Up with Discovery 'Oldfields Applesecco' Cider


Discovery Cider Punch Teacup (Or sharing bowl)

3 Parts Gin

1 Part Lemon

2 Parts honey & Sugar

2 Parts Cranberry

1 Whole Orange Squeezed

Top Up With Discovery 'Oldfields Applesecco' Cider


There are plenty of other great cider cocktail ideas online using traditional cider. Our Oldfields Original in keg, bottle or can would be perfect!


Try these from Spoon University (note that 'cider' is apple juice in USA,' hard cider' is our version of cider)

Or these from Serious Eats, another American site.


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