Discovery is the first apple pressed this season, making the some delicious apple juice before in enters the vats to start the fermentation process. 


  Discovery apples are early ripening dessert apples, usually ready to eat from the middle of August. At events and tastings lots of people tell us that they have Discovery apple trees in their gardens and/or love the flavour but don't see the apples often in supermarkets and grocers. Sadly Discovery doesn't keep well so we have to find another way of enjoying them all year round.


  Discovery apples are easy to press and make into juice, giving a lovely pinkish colour that comes from the skin and the flesh. The first year we made Discovery cider even the finished cider had a pink hue but eventually, like the juice it becomes more golden over time and the cloudiness disappears.


  This year we have pressed over 40,000 litres of Discovery juice. Most of this will be fermented for Discovery cider and the rest pasteurized so it stays as juice ready for adding in when we do our final blend. We add Discovery juice to our medium sweet and medium dry ciders too, it is definitely one of our favourite apples. 


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October 16, 2017

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